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2024 Park Rules

*YEARLY LEASE: The lease rate is based upon one family per site. Husband, wife and unmarried children, or a single person. All married children, grandchildren and friends are considered to be guests and all guests must be approved by management. Guests are limited to one family unit at a time. Also, no more than one per site. Multiple family usage is permitted at $300 per family/year. Children over 18 living at home, not in college-are extra. You will not exceed normal sleeping capacity of your unit. You will not exceed five guests at a time.

*YOUR LOT and unit must be kept neat and in good repair at all times. With that being said, all trailers need washed at least ONCE per season to remove mold, fungus, etc. All lots in the park need to be cleaned, cut and raked by May 1st of each year or it will be done for you and you will be billed. This holds true for during the season as well. Your lot is YOUR responsibility! Please keep it maintained or management will maintain it at your expense.
*STORAGE BUILDINGS: They must be in excellent repair, painted and neat in appearance. If not, they will be removed by management after notification. Sheds are not to exceed the size of 50 sq. ft. and must be approved by management. All paint colors for the repainting of any storage shall be neat in taste and approved by management. ALL SALES OF MOBILE HOMES MUST BE APPROVED BY MANAGEMENT PRIOR TO SALE, NO EXCEPTIONS!

*BOAT SLIPS: Your watercraft only! No friends or relatives are allowed to use your slip. Anytime you do not have a watercraft at your dock to use, it reverts back to management. We reserve the right to move or reassign boat slips at any time. All pontoons and oversized boats will be charged $100 extra per season. Extra boat slips are $200/season. This includes all paddle boats, and PWC. Upon sale of your mobile home, the dock space automatically reverts back to management for re-assignment and is not sold with the mobile home or space.

*CHILDREN are the responsibility of the PARENTS. Children are not allowed in the restrooms without their parents. All children must be supervised by parents.

* DOG BITES: All pets are required to be on a leash at all times. If your dog bites anyone, you are liable. Please have shot papers available, Law Enforcement will write a report. If you don’t keep your pet on a leash, keep it out of the park. It is your responsibility to clean up after your dog. Anyone not cleaning up their dogs messes will not be allowed to bring that dog back to the park. Any barking dog that disturbs the peace and tranquility will not be allowed in the park. NO DOG KENNELS ALLOWED per State Regulations.

*PLEASE OBSERVE the speed limit of 10 mph. There are a lot of kids, people walking, and bikes. Pedestrians have the right of way.

*THE DUMPSTER is for CAMPERS only and will be under surveillance. All boxes must be broke down. No appliance, furniture, lawn clippings! Anyone caught in violation will be asked to LEAVE.

*FISH HOUSE: Clean all fish at the fish cleaning table. Remains must be wrapped and put in the freezer. Please clean the table after use. DO NOT DISCARD IN DUMPSTER.
*Attorney Fees: If any litigation is commenced under this agreement, the successful party shall be entitled to recover, in addition to such other relief as the court may award, its reasonable attorneys’ fees, expert witness fees, litigation related expenses, and court or other costs incurred in such litigation or proceeding.

*NO REMOVAL or killing of trees or shrubs will be allowed. When planted they become part of the park.

*QUIET TIME is between 11:00 PM and 8:00 AM, please be respectful of your neighbors.

*TENANTS are responsible for damage to park facilities such as water stand pipes, electric and other equipment.

*THERE WILL BE NO usage by anyone other than person or persons leasing a lot in the campground. This means no renting out of your lot or unit to anyone. NO SUB-LEASING ALLOWED!

*INTOXICATED and DISORDERLY persons will not be tolerated as well as vandalism.

*Any physical or verbal abuse of management by a tenant or tenant’s family member or guest shall immediately terminate the tenancy of such tenant.

*All decks, deck railings, screen houses and awnings have to have management approval.

*Two vehicles per site allowed, any others park at the back of the campground. Please be kind to your neighbors view!

*If the Health Department finds any violations at your site, you will be notified and the violations need to be fixed IMMEDIATELY.

*NO FIREARMS allowed in the park as well as BB Guns, Pellet Guns, Slingshots and Cross Bows.

*FIREWORKS are not permitted.

*BOAT TRAILERS: If you wish to store your trailer on the hill at the entrance, a $50 storage fee applies. It must be insured with your name on it if you store it at the park. We encourage you to take them home. No trailers will be stored on any lot.

*Campfires are allowed but no fires shall be left unattended. They must be above ground and approved with a cover. NO trash or garbage is to be burnt in your campfire. Ashes, when cooled will be put in the dumpster (not in the roadway), over the fence, or around park trees.

*All golf carts are to be electric ONLY-no exceptions
*Operators of golf carts must be of legal age and have a valid drivers license
*Drivers must stay on roadways ONLY. NO driving through campsites or other non-designated areas
*Max speed 10 MPH, NO horseplay, racing, or other misuse of cart
*All carts must have lights after dark (front and back, reflectors ok on back)
*Everyone must be seated when the cart is in motion
*Warning will be issued and on the third warning your cart will be banned for the season
*Must carry your own insurance and be registered with Management

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